Time. Treasure. Talent.

The best way to get involved with Bridgetown is to volunteer your time.

We have many areas where a person can give one of their most precious commodities – “time”.

Bridgetown’s passion is to create environments for individuals and groups to come and live generously around and with others. This can be done at any one of our environments:

Night Strike – You can join us each Thursday night at 7pm for orientation, then at 8pm under the Burnside Bridge, to love on some of Portland’s most vulnerable people. Click here to find out more about Night Strike. We’d love to see you there.

BTown Kids – This exciting environment engages children in select Portland neighborhoods. BTown Kids runs all year long but has different focuses throughout the year. Click here to find out more about BTown Kids.

Home Visits – The working poor of Portland are one of our fastest growing people groups in our city. Bridgetown seeks to bring relief by providing some of the basic household items needed by these families. Home visits are regularly scheduled times to go and love on families to bring encouragement, relief and hope. Email us at info@bridgetowninc.org to learn more about home visits.

There are other ways you can be a help as well – just email us at info@bridgetowninc.org for more information on volunteer ideas.

Medical Release Forms:

Minor Release Form 

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