Night Strike Winter Break


Our annual winter break is coming up!

Please be aware that December 8th will be our last Night Strike of the year. Portland Saturday Market’s Festival of the Last Minute will be commencing in the space during our absence, so please head on down and support local businesses! This season we hope that our committed regular volunteers and staff will take this month-long opportunity to rest, reflect, and refresh for the year to come and hope that everyone has a great holiday season. Night Strike will be resuming on January 12th and we hope to see you then!

BTown Kids Christmas Gift Drive

Get involved this holiday season by contributing to our Christmas Gift Drive! Help us spread the cheer for our kids and families of BTown Kids and First Door by volunteering on the day of the event and helping us deliver presents! You can sign up to volunteer here. If you can help us by donating gifts, get in touch through and let us know how you can help!



Important Information Regarding Because People Matter

Dear Valued Because People Matter Community,

We have some exciting changes in the works concerning our organization that we want to communicate with you!

As you may know by now, our Executive Director, Marshall Snider, has accepted a new position at Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge (PNWATC). On the heels of this change, PNWATC has approached Because People Matter (BPM) with an offer to acquire the organization in its entirety, and we have accepted the offer! Under this change, BPM will be the new face of outreach at PNWATC, essentially fulfilling a mandate to “Put hope within reach”, beyond their traditional recovery based programs.

The acquisition will allow both entities to expand services, increase geographic coverage and create impact greater than either organization could accomplish alone. Under the proposed merger, our programs will remain essentially the same, and we will continue serving our community while duplicating outreach opportunities in other cities all over the Pacific Northwest. We feel this acquisition will allow us to not only continue our model programs like Night Strike, First Door, BTown Kids, and Transformation Trips, but to expand them.

We feel the BPM mission is being clearly lived out in the purpose of PNWATC. Their efforts parallel beautifully with the following complimentary objectives:
We mobilize community members, to provide relief, which leads to transformation, through relationships.

We project this merger will be completed by the end of the calendar year, so we can begin 2017 with the new structure. We understand this is an ambitious goal. Nevertheless, we feel with Marshall blazing the trail ahead, we will be able to navigate the transition with confidence.

We are working diligently to make this acquisition strategic, thoughtful, mutually beneficial and systemically healthy. We understand this is an enormous task, but anticipate the benefit of an expanded impact far outweighs any challenges we will experience. We feel the ability to maintain our current model of services while expanding our growth potential, is an excellent strategic decision for the longevity of BPM and our vision.

Since both organizations fall under nonprofit status, we will still receive funding through the generosity of donors. We hope to see our donors inspired to continue their generous support of the same mission, programs, and people under the new structure. We believe the new structure will bring an increase in financial capacity, thereby creating an increase in impact for people everywhere.

With this in mind, we are committed to the same thing we have always cared about: people. We will strive to maintain relationships that have been built on the common mission and purpose of BPM. It is our hope that the community is open to providing feedback throughout this journey, resolving to walk with us through the implementation of these changes for the greater good of the communities we serve.

We hope the above details are clear and concise. While we cannot possibly outline all elements of such a huge change in one document, we hope you feel informed and included. To assist with this transition, we have compiled a fact sheet with even more detailed information. Click on this link to access the Transition Fact Sheet.

Thank you for continuing to journey with our organization in this time of change!

Because People Matter Board and Staff