Mobilization Programs

Mobilization – To make ready and deploy into action.

Mobilization is more than just going, it is an attitude of being. A mobilized life is a generous life; a life with others. A life that moves from simply being aware to being active in the story of humanity – active in finding solutions, active in service, and active in purpose.

BridgeTown Inc. is a mobilization movement; one that desires to see people active in a generous expression of life that encourages service and grace to others. This is a mutual learning movement that recognizes the one who is being served is also serving, in that they give opportunity to be generous. As we are mobilized into good works, we learn from others who might come with different perspectives and who may bring a different paradigm.

The basic motivation for the mobilized individual is love. They see the plight of people and feel compelled to make a difference. Their passion is to get into the ditch with those who find themselves there, and be a part of something beyond themselves. In doing so, mobilized people gain a sense of being “fully alive”, fully engaged and making a difference in the lives of those BridgeTown seeks to provide relational platforms for people to do just that, by providing opportunities to groups and individuals in the following ways:

  1. Volunteerism: Each of our Relief and Transformation environments have many opportunities for various degrees of volunteerism and leadership development.
  2. BridgeTown Urban Internship: Creates a dynamic environment for young leaders to discover, develop and deploy, life, leadership and management skills in an urban context.
  3. Transformation Trips: A multi-day mobilization experience for groups in the Portland area.

At BridgeTown Inc., we believe that deep in the recesses of all human beings is the desire to be part of something great, a resident desire to really make a difference in the world they live in. We believe people want to know that the dash between the year they were born and the year they died had significance. BridgeTown desires to mobilize people into significance and purpose, whether through our environments or with other organizations, so all can find fulfillment through service and generosity to others.

The desire to celebrate with others as they discover, develop and deploy their talents and gifts is a powerful motivating part of our mission to: “Love people because people matter.”