About Because People Matter


Our Mission: Loving People…Because People Matter

We exist to develop and sustain relational environments that create movement within groups and individuals to demonstrate love and generosity lived out in the world. BridgeTown Inc creates relational environments that  provide Relief, Mobilization and Transformation.

Core Values – [what we stand for] How do we conduct ourselves as we carry out our mission?

  1. Relational Approach: We believe the most influential, impactful and lasting way to love others is simply to live and experience life with the people around us. We move to be fully submerged and involved in the culture of the community we serve, while building raw and intentional relationships with the people we meet.
  2. People: We believe that all people should feel known, that they matter, and that they are loved. We seek to influence others to live from these truths and to do good works, so that together we may be an inspiration to our city, state, nation and world.
  3. Dialogue: Dialogue is the attitude in which we communicate with others. Our communication is a dynamic and open-minded dialogue. A dialogue that is honest, truthful and respectful; never degrading, judgmental or condemning.
  4. Generosity: We seek to live generously. To give of our time, treasure and talent in such a way that our service and action is a means through which Love is revealed.
  5. Adventure: We see life as an adventure, marked with creativity. We continue to seek new ideas and possibilities for ways to love people, to help them understand they are known, and that they matter.
  6. Learning: We desire to see people grow both personally and professionally. It is important to always challenge oneself, and not feel stuck where growth or learning do not exist. We believe that each person must challenge his or herself in order to unlock the potential that lies in each of us.
  7. Proactivity: Because we value all people, we move to be intentional in our actions. By putting aside assumptions that “someone else will do it,” we understand we serve each other as we move towards the fulfillment of our mission.

BridgeTown Story:

Every organization has a story, and we are no exception. What we did not start with, however, was a five or ten year plan. The summer of 2003 saw a move from the country to the city with a sweet expectation, and a little trepidation to see what was in store. One year. That’s what we took.

One year to listen… Listen to the pulse and hum of the beautiful city of Portland, Listen to her people & Listen to the echoes of our hearts

It didn’t take long before the imprinting took place – a deep and restless love. A concern for people in the margins… and for people in corner offices and in suits. A love for people. In 2004,  we gathered a few friends together to sweep some dirty streets, and found a deep and gratifying satisfaction in the many conversations around the “Why” of our actions. No, we were not correcting previously deviant behaviors through physical labor – we just thought the streets look nicer if they are clean. And it is true.

Soon after that, a quiet voice made some noise in our hearts. Wash feet. No reason. It would be easy to leap here to having answers before the questions are even uttered, but we had learned by now, that when one listens, there is often something spoken. The real trick is to lean in… So lean we did, and Night Strike was born.

Each week from then until now, you will find us. Setting the table for others to listen. To love, to be loved, to be known. A calling back. A calling forward. Dynamic, moving, telling and retelling, and listening and hearing.

BTown Kids came shortly afterwards. Who can resist the precious heart of a child. Tender and learning, heavy with potential and promise. Is there a question that one should have significance in the life of a child – you know, if the door is sprung wide open. So in we went!

Soon more and more inquiries were being made – how can I do this, help us learn to listen. Our response? Come and be with us for a bit! Spend some time fully immersed – set yourself in a place to be transformed. We developed Transformation Trips to do just that. Go, learn, return, respond… Be a part of the story!

The BridgeTown story remains to be fully unfolded. What’s important is that we choose to be a part of that story.

Bridgetown, Inc. couldn’t be possible without the support of our Community Partners.