BTown Kids Easter Egg Hunt Recap


On Saturday April 4th, BTown Kids and our partners brought the 15,000 plastic eggs filled with candy. The kids and families brought the smiles, laughter, and excitement, making our annual Easter Egg Hunt a huge success!

In addition to the mad dash for Easter Eggs, kids were able to get their faces painted, color, participate in a craft, and enjoy yummy treats!

We are so THANKFUL to our volunteers who made this day special, the partners who stuffed the many, many, many, eggs, and those who contributed financially to make the Easter Egg Hunt happen. Together we were able to show love, generosity, and community to our BTown Kids and their families, and help Love People Because People Matter.












CALL TO ACTION: There are many ways to get involved with BTown Kids. We are always looking for Volunteers for our summer program, Site Sponsors, and Lift One Sponsors. Email us at for information on how to make a difference in the lives of children today!


Giddy up! Our Western-themed BTown Kids Camp is also coming up this summer at 5Rock Ranch. This year will be our third camp in partnership with 5Rock Ranch. We are currently recruiting camp counselors, who can come out to camp for a week! Each kid costs us $150 to send to camp, and this year, our goal is to bring 60 kidsto camp! With your help as a camp sponsor, you can help us meet this goal! Donate today to send a child to camp!

Coming Soon: BTown Kids Easter Egg Hunt!


On Saturday April 4th, BridgeTown will host its annual BTown Kids Easter Egg Hunt! Each year, we gather thousands upon thousands of easter eggs, paint faces, eat sweets, and hang out with a bunch of fun kids! Last year, we even hung out while it poured down rain. The kids did not care, and they still had fun getting their Easter Eggs and hanging out with volunteers.


The Easter Egg Hunt is one of our non-summer BTown Kids activities. Each summer, BTown Kids runs for 10 weeks on Saturdays. While the summer program is a large part of BTown Kids, we believe it is necessary to continue the relationships throughout the year. One of the ways we do this is through larger events like the Easter Egg Hunt.


If you would like to get involved in this year’s Easter Egg Hunt, please contact Brittany at

While we cannot promise to keep the rain away, we can guarantee a fun time with kids and their families in North Portland!